EN. Supplied useful scientific opinions and helped

About 3-working day proliferation studies done with selective AKT inhibitors in mix with PKC412 in RPMI+ten% FBS in opposition to MOLM13-luc+ cells. (TIF) Figure S9 Investigation of phosphorylation of signaling

molecules downstream of FLT3. Immunoblots of protein lysates ready from MOLM14-luc+ cells handled for 1 hour with PKC412 (five nM), MK2206 (165 nM), or a combination of the two agents in RPMI+ten% FBS. (TIF)
Table S1 Patient sample info. Individuals proven right here

ended up cultured in the presence of fifty% HS-five SCM, and handled with various combos of kinase inhibitors. *Affected person info for AML sufferers two and 7 has been formerly printed (Weisberg et al, 2012a, Leukemia). (DOC)
Desk S2 Selective AKT and p38 MAPK inhibitors. *Hirai H, Soontome H, Nakatsuru Y, Miyama K, Taguchi S, Tsujioka K et al. MK-2206, an allosteric Akt inhibitor, improves antitumor efficacy by common chemotherapeutic brokers or molecular focused drugs in vitro and in vivo. Mol Cancer Ther 20109:1956-67. **Levy DS, Kahana JA, Kumar R. AKT inhibitor, GSK690693, induces growth inhibition and apoptosis in acute lymphoblastic leukemia mobile lines. Blood 2009113:1723-9. ***Grimshaw KM, Hunter LJ, Yap TA, Heaton SP, Walton MI, Woodhead SJ, et al. AT7867 is a powerful and oral inhibitor of AKT and p70 S6 kinase that induces pharmacodynamic adjustments and inhibits human tumor xenograft progress. Mol Cancer Ther 20109:1100-ten. (DOC)

Creator Contributions
Liable for technology of investigation findings documented in paper (layout/ functionality of experiments), integrity and investigation of the information, creating of the manuscript: EW. Liable for technology of analysis conclusions reported in paper (design/functionality of experiments), integrity and examination of the knowledge, enhancing of the manuscript: QL. Done Akt, GSKbeta, tubulin immunoblotting experiments: XZ. Assisted with proliferation reports: with conception of study noted in paper: MS. Assisted with the chemical screening: FL MN JZ AN. Supplied valuable scientific suggestions and assisted with conception of analysis documented in paper: CM. Carried out stream cytometry examination and helped with cell cycle and apoptosis research: RWS. Presented AML individual samples employed in this study as effectively as individual data: RS IG. Liable for conception of analysis described in paper, integrity and evaluation of the information: JDG NG. Conceived and made the experiments: EW QL MS CM AN JDG NG. Executed the experiments: EW XZ EN FL MN. Analyzed the data: EW QL RWS. Contributed reagents/resources/analysis instruments: JZ RS IG. Wrote the paper: EW QL MS.

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