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molecule compounds that had been previously reported as inhibitors of furin, another PC member. Our studies revealed that all five compounds were Relebactam customer reviews potent inhibitors against rhPC6 in vitro and they were able to adopt similar binding modes in the hPC6 active site. However, the functional studies by in vitro cell-based model demonstrated that only PI4KIIIbeta-IN-9 compound 1o was able to inhibit decidualization of HESCs. Prediction of lipophilicity, a physiochemical property related to a compound��s ability to cross cellular membranes, revealed that compound 1o was distinct in lipophilicity, being the most lipophilic. Compound 1o was further demonstrated to be potent in inhibiting the receptivity of human endometrial epithelial cells for trophoblast spheroid attachment in an in vitro human cell-based model. It is well established that PC6 is the only PC member that is upregulated during decidualization, and knockdown of PC6 production by morpholino antisense oligonucleotides in mice in vivo resulted in inhibition of decidualization and pregnancy failure. Although compound 1o can inhibit furin and possibly other PC members, the inhibitory effect of the compound on decidualization of HESCs was PC6 specific as only PC6 is involved in decidualizaiton. The lack of activity displayed by the other four compounds is likely to be attributed to their poor lipophilicity. Lipophilicity is a key factor that determines how well a molecule can pass through cell membranes. The data presented here suggests that compound 1o has the ideal lipophilicty to cross the cell membrane and reach its site of action, although the exact cell localization of the compound is yet to be determined. The drug efficiency of compound 1o in the inhibition of PC6 was further evidenced by its ability to significantly reduce the receptivity of endometrial epithelial cells. It is established that PC6 is up-regulated in the human endometrium specifically at the time of epithelial receptivity. The critical role of PC6 in receptivity has been demonstrated by a significant reduction in the attachment of mouse blastocysts to endometrial epithelial cells after specific knockdown of PC6 by small interfering RNA. Furthermore, PC6 r

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